PinkPiano Inc. - Strategy & Inbound Marketing Agency

We are a specialized integrated marketing agency that exists to help industrial and manufacturing companies realize and capitalize their market potential by transforming its marketing and sales teams to generate demand.


We are committed to accelerate the growth of complex industries.

HOW? First we understand your business and map your current state and how to get to where you want to be by aligning your marketing and sales functions, developing strategic plans and inbound marketing.

We see how B2B companies struggle to have a continuous growth because they sell to a very specific market.

Most of their marketing efforts on demand generation and acceleration depend on face to face events, expos, references and most of the time marketing and sales DON’T work together.

To help solve these challenges, we work with you to develop a growth strategy, digital cycle management aligning teams to achieve the continuous generation of qualified demand.

Thanks to this, we managed to positively impact the marketing areas, sales and customer experience.






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