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Channel Marketing step by step

It’s all about the customer

Channel Marketing step by step

Philip Kotler defines «channel marketing (or distribution channel) as a set of interdependent organizations that participate in the process of making a product or service available to the consumer or business user». (p.353)

The channels are the amplification of your business! Achieving synergy with the distribution channels in all aspects, including marketing activities, constitutes a competitive advantage that will allow you to accelerate the achievement of your business objectives. 

Channels are so crucial that companies allocate exclusive resources to develop relationships with them.

At PinkPiano Inc, we have experience working and developing these teams through unique strategies and combination workshops to build a single source of revenue, funnel management, and co-marketing return of investment metrics.

We offer our experience to accelerate your teams to understand the business model of the channel and the channel teams to work in harmony with your company.

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It’s all about the customer

Channels are an excellent opportunity for amplification; they have a deeper knowledge of the customer and their values. Manufacturers and channels must join forces to create a great experience, and both should aim to strengthen customer affinity.

With PinkPiano Inc, you can build your marketing and sales strategies through channels to provide maximum customer satisfaction. We will help you create the buyer persona and the buyer journey so that you are more effective by connecting with the needs and values ​​of the client as the center of your attraction and retention strategy with your strategic partners. 

We will also help you with the metrics to evaluate the effectiveness of the customer-oriented marketing strategy.

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