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Oh! The stories between marketing and sales… many filled with good intentions but so full with lack of empathy (according to each). But…

What really happens when your sales and marketing teams align

with each other?


of increase revenue (YoY)
(Aberdeen Group).


increase in marketing return of investment
(Wheelhouse Advisors).


increase of sales conversion rates

Now let’s see the other side of the story… When your sales and marketing team can’t stand each other:

65%-70% of marketing generated content isn’t used at all by sales! This represents thousands of dollars down the drain. Around 75% of marketing generated leads NEVER close (turn into sales). 

One of PinkPiano Inc objectives is to help you create strategies and techniques so that your sales and marketing organization can work together and drive towards the same direction. Let’s make them an unbeatable duo in generating and closing business!


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