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Sales and Marketing Alignment

Sales Enablement

Sales and Marketing Alignment

Many stories of meetings and misunderstandings between the marketing and sales teams.

The importance of the role of marketing in business strategy has only recently been incorporated in modern organizations. However, we still frequently find marketing teams needing help to position themselves internally in their organizations as value-generating departments for the business.

No matter how hard they try, they fail to be part of the business strategy, which results in ignorance on the part of the sales team.

What happens when both teams line up?

For Kotler, marketing must function with interdependence regarding other organizations and serve as a force to support decision-making in your business.

Did you know that companies whose marketing and sales areas are well aligned and share the same objectives have 58% more growth and are 72% more profitable?

Other investigations indicate that the harmony between marketing and sales can drive between 5% and 36% of the growth of a company; while in Zendesk’s CX Trends 2020 report, 73% of sales leaders who predict revenue growth also see collaboration between sales, customer service, and marketing teams as critical.

We understand that one of your objectives is to create strategies and techniques so that your organization’s marketing and sales team work as one to achieve the business vision, always keeping the customer at the center.

We help you build an unbeatable duo between sales and marketing to generate and close business opportunities.

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Sales Enablement

When you have already aligned your marketing and sales teams toward the achievement of the objectives of your organization and, in particular cases, achieving the goals of specific accounts (ABM), you must prepare your teams for the cultural change that this transformation implies. 

You give them the tools to turn them into the best sales professionals in the sector, and in the end, they are the ones who create the differentiation and advantage that your competition will never be able to match.

We help you develop your teams through simple and effective practical application tools.

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For Sales and Marketing

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